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Louisiana is a very unique gumbo of peoples thrown together from all over the globe. Native American, French, Spanish, African, English, Irish, Vietnamese, Chinese and so many others have contributed to our special way of life. We celebrate this in our culture, names, food, customs, music, and language. And, While generally happy and friendly, we are also a fiercely independent and stubborn people. We are friendly and hospitable to outsiders while maintaining a healthy skepticism. 

We are Louisiana Patriots!

We are a partisan and non-profit organization of American Citizens devoted to preserving, maintaining and defending the the Constitutional Republic that was founded by our Country's forefathers. 

We accomplish this by providing a forum for like minded individuals to share information, opportunities and resources to strengthen our communities; making them more livable, safer, resilient and sustainable.

If you feel that you have something to offer or just wish to become a part of this powerful and peaceful movement we hope that you will get in touch!



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While we build out this website and organization we welcome you to visit some of our like minded groups!

Louisiana - Save Our Schools
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The Peoples Convoy
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