The Fruit of Flawed Ideology

The ideology of the the left that has infected the U.S. Democrat party has, in my opinion, produced nothing but divisiveness, suspicion, fear, and chaos among all American citizens; and it is infecting most of the world. I believe that it has been done by design. I believe that those behind this ideology know very well what they are doing. They are sowing despair anger and hatred in an attempt create division and fill the void with themselves and the ideology that will secure and perpetuate their power and control. Most of us are too busy with our lives to pay attention, but the rank and file followers go along with this nonsense because they are convinced, and truly believe,... in the soft, warm, feel-good reality that these purveyors of lies spew. It is simply a power grab. The supporters of this ideology are convinced that their leaders are acting in the best interest of all mankind and the planet, even. Evidenced by the idiotic push for not-ready-for-prime-time alternative energy sources!

I believe that this social cancer will be the end of us as a Country and a free society if we allow it to persist.

We are bombarded daily with reminders of our division. We are told, and our children are taught, that by the very pigment of their skin they shall be separated and segregated into groups with pre-ordained labels; Victims or Privileged. Forget the mind. Forget the heart. They teach our children that they are divided by something as simple as skin pigment. They are sowing division and hatred.

These people do not teach boys to be men or girls to be women' they teach an ideology of moral ambivalence and indecision. They teach an ideology of no consequence to actions. They set our children adrift on a sea of confusion and sexual and social ambiguity; rudderless and without a chart. They teach that all people be judged upon their skin color, social standing or, even gender! These Participation Trophy Idiots actually believe that gender is a choice! Insanity!

According to them, if a child is born male he may, or may not, choose to be male. He will be counselled at a young age to question who he is and what he is. All in the effort to help him to become....something. Of course this is while he is trying to learn his ABC's and 123's. yeah, great idea, mess the kid up from the get-go!

If I had been shown a video at the age of 10 about sexual orientation I think I would have said, "What the hell is this now!? I just got a handle on who I am and now you all are telling me I might be gay!? And I don't even know what that is!"

Let's let kids be kids!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached that all people be judged on the content of their character, and not the color of their skin! These are wise words from a wise man.

But this is not the dogma of the left.

No matter if it is intentional or unintentional, the left tries very hard to destroy all the things that make our society beautiful, hopeful, productive and fun! Ignore them and, if necessary, fight back!

~ Rick

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